December 25, 2005

  • Merry, merry, merry Christmas! 

    I hope y’all’s Christmas was as wonderful as ours, that’s all I can say.  It was a terrific Christmas, except Jonathan and li’l Kirsten were ill, so couldn’t be with us today, darn it. 

    But the gathering at Elaine’s house was wonderful, and the Chinese gift exchange was most amusing.

    Charles and Hannah, with Kirstin and Don in the background:

    And an even better picture of him, snapped surreptitiously, as he opens a Chinese exchange gift:

    Even with some of our number missing, there are a goodly number of us….

    Look what Benjamin got!  He was quite tickled (and I was not the culprit, BTW).

    After the Official Christmas Gathering, Alex and his family came back to our house, where Hannah showed off her new rocking horse (received at Beth’s family’s tree last night):

    In the way of children, though, few toys are as entertaining as an empty box:

    In the late afternoon we went over to visit Don’s eldest brother, Richard (sans Charles, who was sound asleep), and again Hannah found pleasure – with a little help from her Uncle Dmitry – in a box.

    It was a delightful Christmas, and I thank the LORD for it. 

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  • I agree that it was a very nice Christmas! I love the Chinese Chirstmas exchange (I’ve now heard it called Dirty Santa as well). It really is one of the highlights. I loved watching Charles try to pawn off the tupperware set he got (which I stole, being merciful, and which ended up getting stolen from me!).

    Thank you so much for bringing those wonderful pies. I plan to make a pecan pie in the near future. Did you use cinnamon oil in that one you made? Do you think it affects the flavor much?

    BTW, I’m tinkering around with a new blog. Check it out:

  • You betcha I put cinnamon oil in that pie. I love the stuff, and slop into anything’ll sit still long enough to let me do it.

    It’s excellent in banana bread, BTW.

    Got it at Central Market, though I daresay you could also get it from that Baker’s Catalog site.

    It’s my extra fillip in the pie; obviously it would be fine without it. But that – along with subbing dark brown sugar for half the light brown sugar – is what makes it ANNE’S Pecan Pie.

    And Charles trying desperately to hawk his storage container organizing set was hilarious! “Get gift security!” he pointed out. Erroneously, as it turned out.

    It was most amusing. ;^) Thanks again for hosting it!

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