October 31, 2005

  • It's incredible how much trouble villains go to, in order to collect
    one's log-in info for sites such as eBay and Paypal.  I'm
    constantly receiving bogus emails, but this morning brought a new one,
    ne'er before seen (at least by me):

    This is the new trick, apparently....to send fake messages, ostensibly
    having come via the eBay message system.  Sent it to
    Spoof@ebay.com and received back not a canned reply, but an actual
    message from an actual person, who assured me it was bogus.

    Which I knew, naturally, as I'd checked my eBay messages and how about that.....this one wasn't there. 

    Always check, folks.  Always, always check.  The villains are getting sneakier all the time. 

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  • Just today I got a message from e-Bay (?) demanding that I verify my account info or I'd be forbidden to use e-Bay any more.  It looks totally legit and probably is, but I didn't respond to it.  I went into my e-Bay account the usual way and updated some info.  If this was an authentic message, I may still be thrown out but at least I haven't provided my credit card information to someone who's up to no good.

  • Lois, I've gotten that one a dozen times, minimum. It's bogus. eBay normally contacts its members through its message system, so if something lands in your mailbox, just go to My eBay and check the messages....if it's legitimate it'll be there.

  • Thanks, Anne.  It looked so authentic!  Scary. 

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