October 31, 2005

  • Dmitry and I just got back from a brief visit to Kirstin's so I could
    get a glimpse of my poppets in their Halloween finery, and Dmitry could
    watch some actual trick-or-treating (we don't get many, if any,
    here).  Kirstin and Matt were hosting a party for their friends in
    the neighborhood, with en masse trick or treating afterward:

    Yes, that's our little girl and her hubby. 

    Bethie with her friend, Isabella, and Kirstin with Benjamin and Bryson.

    P.S.  7:42 p.m.  No trick or treaters.  Looks like those Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are mine, all mine.

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  • How cute!! :)

    The best thing to do if you anticipate not a lot of trick or treaters, is buy the GOOD candy. Can't let it go to waste now . . . :) YUM

  • You had your baby, I can tell.

    What a poppet, m'dear!

    We didn't have a single trick or treater last night, BTW. Not one.

  • We had 20 nearly, and most seemed to be Indian or Pakistani. We used to have all white, then we started to get truckloads of Mexicans and now Indians. Great fun!!! They are darling!

  • Anne, the picture in the lower right corner?  Where is that made?  It looks like a boardwalk or something?  Not just a slab of concrete or cement.  Just curious?

  • I think it's just the street, or a driveway. We were in Kirstin's neighborhood, trick-or-treating at the house across the street, then catty-corner from her. Nothing terribly interesting. You're correct, though....it does look like wood, doesn't it?

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