September 27, 2005

  • You know, that is just so darn rude. 

    For Alex's birthday we sent him a gift certificate to Texas de Brazil,
    which has a restautant in Memphis.  Now, Alex and Beth do not
    actually live in Memphis, they live in Cordova, a ways outside of it.

    This evening they decided would be a good evening to go to dinner.

    So off they went, only to find a sign on the restaurant door:  "Closed for Private Party". 

    I simply hate it when restaurants do that! 

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  • . . . unless you're a member of the private party, at which point, it seems like a great idea that they offer such a service!

  • I still think it's tacky.

    The only upside is Alex is off on Monday (he has gigs this weekend) so he and Beth will go for lunch instead, which costs half as much.

  • I really wanna eat at one of those Brazilian Grills one of these days. Thus far the price of admission has kept me well away. :)

  • Apparently lunch is "only" about $18, instead of $40.

    It's on our list of "One of these days when he makes a Really Big Sale, or our ship otherwise comes in" things to do.

    Tonight's probably tuna casserole, though.

  • Took my mother to a local restaurant last Sunday evening. The lights were on, people were there, we stepped in and were told that they are closed on Sundays (I should have known, the whole of our little town is closed on Sundays and Mondays), that they were having a "Wine Dinner", so we drove into Colorado Springs and had a lovely dinner at the Macaroni Grill.

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