August 31, 2005

  • CNN has an interesting video segment about a man from Alabama rescuing
    an elderly couple from their flooded car, which landed smack in the
    middle of a flooded alligator farm. 

    He said gators appeared to be calmly and patiently waiting around the car for the couple inside to die.

    Did y'all read, BTW, where a 3 foot shark was sighted swimming through the streets of New Orleans yesterday? 

    And here's something that's bugging me.....when there is trouble on a
    cataclysmic scale like this elsewhere in the world, America is
    Johnny-on-the-spot to help.

    So, where IS everybody, huh?  Has anyone heard or read of a
    foreign country offering to send people to aid in search-and-rescue?

    As Dmitry would put it, "A little help, please!" 

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  • Good heavens, in our family Mama is always there to rescue the babies when they get into predicaments, but how often do the babies rescue Mama?  Doesn't it work that way for nations, too? *bats eyes innocently*

  • Seriously, we give money and send resources to other countries to help them, because we HAVE money and resources, and they DON'T. Here the situation is reversed -- why should poor folks give to help rich people who already have as much as they need, it's only a matter of getting it mobilized?

  • Where's Canada? Or Mexico? They've got military people with helicopters who could lift survivors off roofs, do they not?

    We need manpower, which is a limited commodity. I suppose we could start hiring mercenaries to try to keep order whilst the others perform the rescues and recover the bodies, but that seems silly when there are myriad other countries who are supposed to be our friends.

  • We have the police forces of all the major cities, all their helicopters, all their military units, all their helicopters, and they're already here. If we can't spare some rescue folks from Dallas, LA, and Chicago, why can the Canucks spare them from Montreal and Toronto? We have many, many more of them to being with!

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