August 31, 2005

  • $2.80! 

    That's the price of regular unleaded this morning at the Exxon station on Camp Bowie.  It was $2.65 yesterday afternoon.


    $3.00 a gallon.  

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  • Some of the guys at church are talking about getting motor scooters to get around town now. Unfortunately for me, those don't work so great when you commute 10 miles to work. They're also a total loss with a baby and carseat ;)

  • We're giving consideration to getting one for Charles, who is attending Texas Tech. Surely a scooter would be a viable way for him to get from class to class? And would save money on gas.

  • Oh yeah, it's a great solution for a single guy.

  • Whaddaya wanna bet the price of scooters is gonna start increasing?

    Maybe we'd best go ahead and GET one.

  • Anne, why not an old-fashioned bike? They use 'em her in snow country.

  • Actually, I wrote him and asked about a bike. ;^)

  • My car only takes premium unleaded. I about flipped when I saw the $3.00/gal price tag today. OUCH!

  • Ray said it was $2.91 for regular on the way home. I paid $2.65 on Tuesday. And it's only going to go higher, at least for the forseeable future!

  • Don said he heard at least one analyst is predicting it'll hit $5/gal.

    Charles wants the bike, BTW.

  • I doubt it will hit $5, but I've been wrong before. My guess it will start trending slowly down, or stabilize, once assessments are made to the supply chain, and realistic recovery timetables are established. It's uncertainty that drives these markets more than actual situations. is showing that the lowest price in my area is $2.79 now, and there's actually one at a major interchange off I-90 asking $3.15. I hope nobody falls for THAT, since there are other interchange stations asking under $3.

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