August 27, 2005

  • There is sure a difference between Emperor Maximus when he feels at
    home and comfortable, and when he's in a strange place with people he
    doesn't know.  This evening we ran out to Kirstin's house for a
    short visit, whereupon Mad Max disappeared, to be replaced by The
    Shadow.  He refused to speak, clinging to Don for a good portion
    of the time, though he finally consented to stand in one spot, not
    making eye contact with anyone. 

    Max at first was reluctant to even exit the car.....Don's theory is he
    was afraid he'd be handed over to someone else again. 

    While at Kirstin's Dmitry encouraged Bryson to show off his newly acquired walking skills:

    At first Bryson wasn't especially interested, serenely ignoring his uncle's earnest pleas. ("Walk, Bryson!  Walk!")

    However, Dmitry can be persuasive, so Bryson got up and headed unsteadily off.  ;^)

    And he finally got a haircut, as he's not going to Disney World.

    Tomorrow's going to be a heck of a day, between getting everything
    ready for Max's return to Russia, the family party, and taking him to
    the hotel.

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  • It's been so interesting to follow this boy's path through your lives, Anne.  That picture of Don carrying him breaks my heart.

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