August 27, 2005

  • Presenting Vovik, the Biker Dog:

    Max is quite attached to him.  ;^)

    Yesterday evening we introduced Max to the joys of a Slip-n-Slide:

    Mad Max, the Russian Rocket in action. 

    The Evil Monkey Malchik (one of my pet names for Dmitry, BTW….”malchik” is “boy”) did his level best to get me, but I was just out of range.

    He really got a kick out the Slip-n-Slide, and we’ll have to do it
    again today.  Tell you what, this is one smart kid.  He
    quickly grasped that by standing on the side bit from whence the water
    squirts out he can effect the speed and height of it (there’s another
    word that better expresses what I want to say, but I can’t remember it
    right now), so amused himself singing a song and jumping from side to
    side, creating a fountain that kept time with the song.  If you
    can grasp what I’m talking about.

    Whoever adopts him needs to swiftly arrange for guitar lessons for him
    - he loves to play Dmitry’s and sing for me – as well as get him into
    gymnastic classes.  The way he jumps and lands, and stands on top
    of things with his arms stretched up or out makes me think he’s been
    taking them in Russia.  Either that or he’s a natural
    gymnast.  He has the physique for it, and is quite strong.

    And this amuses me…..Miss Pattycake has made another conquest! 
    Yep, Max loves the “Miss Pattycake Wiggly Giggly Singalong Songs”
    DVD.  I think we’ll see if we can find a CD version for him to
    take on the airplane home with a CD player.

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