August 2, 2005

  • Charles has returned from new student orientation at Tech.

    He enjoyed himself tremendously, saying there's already a group of friends assembled.

    He also got a TT parking ticket.  Personally I think he ought to
    gripe about it, as there was a map provided of permitted parking lots,
    with the areas for the incoming freshmen's use outlined in red. 
    There was also a warning that they mustn't park in 30 minute parking
    spots or service vehicle parking.  He parked in the middle of a
    long row of spaces, only to discover - along with ten other people -
    that waaaaay down on the far
    end of the row, where it cannot be seen unless you're right THERE, is a
    sign saying "30 minute parking" with an arrow pointing down the row.

    It looked to be within the red boundary, and coming up on the space
    from the direction he did it's impossible to see the "30 minute
    parking" sign.  He said at least ten people got tickets, and two
    poor schnooks got towed.

    Sounds to me as if the fault in this case lies with a very poorly designed parking map.  

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  • Ah! The travails and woes of parking on campus.  Sounds like not much has changed in 30 years.

    (1) Government funds  (2) Tuition  (3) Parking Fee Revenues.  He'll learn this soon enough, if not already, but it's how institutions of higher learning keep operating. 

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