July 21, 2005

  • Today Dmitry had three Russian siblings over to hang out both at home and pool.

    HA!  Gotcha!

    It's three different siblings this time:  Elveera, Olga, and Viktor.  

    Dmitry sorta falling in, as Viktor watches from up above.

    Okay, his turn.

    Jumping in unison, from left to right, are Olga, Elveera and Dmitry.

    There's nothing like escorting a pair of teenage girls to the pool,
    though, to throw into sharp relief just how different they are, as Olga
    and Elveera, though certainly spending time jumping and swimming, also
    made time for stretching out on the lounges (eerily reminiscent of me at their age).  In contrast, when the boys are with us, none of them would dream of wasting perfectly good swim time by laying on a lounge chair.

    We had a super time! Ate hamburgers (courtesy of Central Market's
    frozen food and bakery sections), the boys played video games while the
    girls watched videos, then they - the girls - and I got down to some
    serious Durak playing (that's a popular Russian card game). 
    Elveera won twice and then I won twice.   
    Dmitry and Viktor got in some Yu-Gi-Oh, then it was time to take them
    home, and we sang along to some Larisa Dolina songs on the way.

    This evening I'm to drive to Gladney to attend a "Collaborative Group
    Something-or-other" involving parents who adopted older kids.  Not
    sure what sort of turnout they'll get, seeing as how Gladney is way out
    on Fort Worth's southwest side, while the parents are scattered all
    around the Metroplex.  It'd take lots of them well over an hour to
    get there, and it's a work night.  We'll see.  It'd probably
    be better for Gladney to select a more convenient location in
    future.  If we lived in Mesquite or Keller there'd be no way I'd
    go, frankly.

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  • I'm always struck by your generosity, Anne.  You're so good at giving these kids a great time, and I'm sure they will remember it and you  with great pleasure for a long, long time to come.

  • Oh, fiddle, Eleanor.

    I have a grand time with the kids, and it's my father who is the club member and generously funds their swimming.

    Thank you for the kind words, however, even though I don't deserve them in the least.

  • I'm famouse now caz i have my picture on the xanga!!!!! lol!!!! so how are you!!


  • Yup, it's hard to get more famous than having your photo on my blog.

    I'm fine, thanks for asking...and how about y'all, Olga?

    Hot enough for you?

    Hehehehe. >:^>

  • Well, it's more than that, though. I knew an older lady who was just excellent at taking the time to give me a simply good time. I still think of her as the only "grandmother" I ever knew (mine died before I was born). She was elegant, yet wise enough to know what simple fun is for kids.  That's a gift, my dear, and you're great at it, from what I can tell.  I wanna be like you when I grow up.

    Hi Olga!!

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