July 19, 2005

  • Looks like we aren't hosting Viktor and Vladimir after all . . .
    barring any unexpected problems with their paperwork, an adoptive
    family's been found for them.  Isn't that terrific? 

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  • awwww

    {{{HUG ANNE}}}

  • We're to be an emergency host family, however. It's happened at least twice I know of that the match between the child/ren and host family wasn't a good one, and another substitute family had to be found.

    That'd be us this time.

    Not that I want the matches to not work out! I don't. I hope they're all wonderful. But Just In Case....we're here.

  • hey

    this is Olga!!! so how are you? i'm just chilling out here!!!! So i'll guessi'm gonna see ya 2morrow!!! well yeah it's getting really late here!! i'm gonna go bed!!! so good night!!!


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