June 30, 2005

  • We've had a couple of lazy summer days, complete with delightful visitors.  Yesterday Brianna (who is 5 years old this very day!)  and Meredith were over for a few hours, and they had a terrific time together:

    You can see I dish up gourmet fare.  Hey, I ate the same thing. 

    Today Dmitry had Joe and Zhenya over for several hours, to go to the
    club and then just hang out in his room.  Dan impressed me half to
    death by electing - all on his own! - to skip the day's festivities so
    as to finish some schoolwork.   

    Caught Zhenya right before his dive.

    Joe leaping off the low board.

    Dmitry jumping off the high dive.  Those boys were out there for
    well over an hour and a half with no signs of stopping, but heat and
    hunger finally drove me to call them in so we could come home. 
    What do you wanna bet they'd still be up there otherwise?

    After running the boys home we went by the "Russia store" to pick up
    some frozen pelmeni for dinner, and the young man behind the counter
    asked me if I remembered the last time the two of us came in to
    eat.  I allowed that yes, indeed, I remember quite well.  It
    was just a few weeks ago, after all.  He then asked if I recalled
    the family who came in and sat down while we were there . . . mother,
    daughter, grandmother?

    Acknowledged that it's a bit hazy but now he mentions it, yes, I seem to recall such a group sitting fairly close to us.

    He grinned, looked to make sure Dmitry couldn't overhear, dropped his voice, and confided the girl has a huge crush on Dmitry, asking about him whenever she comes in.

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  • Most summer days, Anne, Hazel's grandkids, in any amount, from 1 - 13, will show up at her house at say noon, and are there until the bats begin swooping at dusk. Some go, more come, cousins come, aunts come - it's quite a parade. And Hazel loves it all, especially if we bring our own food.



  • When Anne, Jeanne and Louis were young, we had a room air conditioner for the girls' room. Some neighbors had 8-9 kids ( they wound up with 10 & I can't remember exactly how many there were at this time) and some were young enough to take aft. naps. I would invite the ones similar in age to ours to come play during that time of day and still remember all the fun. They cleaned up after themselves is why I didn't mind them showing up at 1 PM and staying till 3 or so. BTW the reason I still live in Texas is airconditioning!!!!! I remember too well trying to sleep at night rolling from one side of bed to other as my body would heat up the mattress. Blah, good ole days indeed! I used to hear the ice man coming down the back street and go see if there would be a piece I could have. We had a fridge but used ice for drinks, ice cream etc. I'm not that old. Durn near tho.

  • I should point out that the major attraction at Hazel's is the in-ground pool, but Hazel's house has always been pretty "open door," even before she put in the pool.

    A real Kool-Aid Mom.



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