June 25, 2005

  • That was so sad, the outcome of the search for the three missing boys in New Jersey. 

    It's also puzzling and frustrating, as they were discovered in the
    trunk of a car sitting in the yard they were last seen, and that the
    police had reportedly searched early on.  If the police didn't
    bother forcibly popping the trunk to make sure the boys weren't inside,
    that wasn't much of a search. 

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  • Very very sad. And, as you say, puzzling.

    When I think of our boys - Stefan and Ethan - locking themselves in Terri's trunk and what might have happened, I'm so thankful that Robin found them in time.


  • Whoa! When did that happen? Did I know about it but forget?

  • And the family, why didn't they think to pop the trunk?????? Why is it laid on the backs of the police who probably thought the family had searched the car in the drive.!!

  • Well, that's certainly a point. Mind, it's still up to the police to cover all bases and not rely upon the efforts of the family and neighbors (what if the boys had been kidnapped or murdered by one of them?), but one would think whoever had the key to the trunk would have checked, just to be on the safe side.

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