January 31, 2005

  • Mondays are Brianna Days around here (I watch her while Jessica works the lunch shift at the downtown Chili's), and her Gran thought she looked too delicious   :


    Unlike her Uncle Charles, she has no problem at all with being photographed. 


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  • Little girls always LOOK so sweet. Since I have three boys I always wonder if they really are as sweet as they look. LOL Shes adorable :)

  • Ummm.....

    No comment. 

  • How sweet!

    And I see she has a special table at Gran's house, too.

    We don't own TV trays - this house is so small we just don't have places to tidy things away that aren't in constant use. Rachel liked to use a clothes basket, turned upside down. With a towel for a tablecloth. ;)


  • I like that!! Clothes baskets turned upside down as a table! And even tho you might feel a bit cramped in your house "presby", IMHO, if one has a roomy home, one will fill it up with stuff!! Lots of stuff! Old fake flowers, lots of plastic containers, books one might just decide to read later and stuff one's grandkids might, just might, want when they grow up. Old towels, sheets, etc. So count your blessings! Your family and all needed things are all you need to make a grand home!!!!!! That's what your kids will remember! Not stuff saved! Just in case!! Signed, a Great Grand Mom who Knows!!!!

  • That is one killer pink bow. I'da had to take pictures, too!

  • Anne!? Does your mom know my mom? She described my mothers house to a T!!

    I agree with Brianna's gran, she looks delicious!!

  • I wouldn't be a bit surprised, Cheri....Mom gets around.  ;^)

  • She's adorable!  A vision in pink.

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