December 29, 2004

  • Can you believe it?  There's no way to increase the amount of picture space used! 

    So I archived the original IvyVine and set up The Ivy Vine 2.

    I'm not deleting the original, however.  Not for a while, anyway.

    However, you'll have to update your bookmarks or subscribe to this site, for this is where I'll be musing and mulling from here on out.  At least until I run out of picture space again.  

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  • All subbed. Now that I'm hooked on the Ivy Blog i'm not going to miss out ;)

  • Mischief managed.

  • Congrats on advancing to Blog 2!  I can only aspire to such greatness.  How long did it take you to run out of room on Blog 1?

  • About six weeks shy of two years. That's not bad, I don't think! One Xanga per two years. And I archived and downloaded onto a CD the entire original Ivy Vine, comments, pictures and all. ;->

  • I have marked this auspicious occasion by throwing in the towel and finally setting up a Xanga account so I can comment here. And all I can think to say is, "This wouldn't have happened if you'd just used blogger in the first place." ;->

  • Xanga is more user-friendly...we're not all as 'puter-savvy as you, Valerie. ;^)

  • I'm just givin' you a hard time, as you know is my wont! ;)

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