January 1, 2001

  • Happy birthday to Zhenya, a couple of days early!  He's the "15 year old boy" referred to below, as y'all may have guessed.  Tonight was his party, which included the Grogans, to Dmitry's and our pleasure.   Also pleased little Lucas, judging by his interest in Olga:

    Lucas also took notice of Dmitry when the opportunity presented itself:

    They had a spiffy time catching up, as they've not been together since the summer:

    If it's not Alex upending Hannah, it's Zhenya doing the same to Lucas!  What is it about little ones that causes guys to want to immediately turn 'em upside down? 

    Here's the birthday honorĂ©e lighting the candles on his birthday cake....a cake he, himself, baked BTW.  Isn't that something?  We can't get Dmitry to heat up a hot dog and Zhenya's baking cakes

    The same fascination was shown by the boys with hanging on to the top of the doorway.  Never did see either Elveera or Olga do it. Must be a guy thang:

    Here's Zhenya with the gift from his brothers, though I never discovered exactly what it is:

    And one of my favorites.....Elveera holding Lucas:

    Elveera chortled gleefully as she informed me on Wednesday her six month probationary period is over and she receives her full-fledged driver's license!

    In the immortal words of Gib in "True Lies":

    "You may want to TAKE COVER!!!!"

    Hehehehe!  J/k, Elveera.