September 9, 2010

  • It's enough to make a person eat a whole chocolate cheesecake.

    Today I was driving somewhere or other and heard an ad on the radio that almost made me blow a gasket.  bitter

    It was one of those weight-loss companies, and would you believe the client giving the gushing testimonial spoke of having lost forty pounds, and going from a size 12/14 to a size 0.  ZERO?!?!  That's a size?  stunned

    In any case, I'd say the chances of my ever being a size 12/14 again hover between fat and slim, so to hear some woman assuring us listeners of the delight of not being embarrassed in public due to her weight was quite depressing and annoying.

    Zero.  What's next?  Clothing sized with negative numbers?  

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  • The negative numbers are already here! I've seen them in pricey stores.

  • You're KIDDING, Eleanor!  How can the world be getting so totally beyond absurd??  and boy, I hear ya, Anne.  Me too, it'll be like a dream if I ever get into a 12/14 again.  While I'm still in active middle age, that is.  If I follow my mom's and grandma's lead, there's skinny-hood awaiting, but long after I'll care about it anymore . . .  :sigh:

  • A few of my nieces wore -2s when they were young teens - after they got tall enough to need Juniors sizing but before they really began to get curvy. The scary thing is the adults who think they need to aspire to be that size again!


  • I didn't realize that the negative numbers were already here. I had heard that there's size 0 and size 00. etc etc. Crazy crazy. Whatever happened to just being a healthy size for your body type?

  • A little boutique opened on the main street of our small town, owned by a tiny Asian woman. The clothes are all tiny, too. I quipped to a girlfriend, "Well, we don't have anywhere to buy plus sized clothes, but there is a minus sized store!" I had NO IDEA the negative sizes were already reality. Satire is becoming impossible.

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