Month: September 2010

  • What a terrific interview this evening!

    It was delightful to meet the interviewer, and the position would be great, and the company seems wonderful, but the real star was the incredible slices of beautiful stone!

    Large, polished slices ("slabs" is simply too ugly a word for the beauty on display, IMO) of granite, slate, etc. from all over the world!  There was a black stone with fossils in it, and one that had quartz pieces the color of peacock feathers, and there's even some Labradorite, a stone that is quarried in Labrador (and possibly Newfoundland as well, I can't recall) and that Mom kindly bought me a lovely ring set with.  Legend says it captures the northern lights, and the way it glows in the sunlight, I can understand why they thought so.  I asked about a granite from Iceland or Norway, remembering hearing about it on the cruise on one of the excursions, and was told there's a stone from Norway that is covered with ice for nine months of the year!  Very short annual window to be able to quarry it.

    As Kathy (the woman with whom I had the interview) said, the stones are truly art.  God's art, we agreed!  And to think of such loveliness being buried under the earth, where only He sees it, until someone locates, quarries, and polishes it.  Try to imagine large slices of semiprecious stones!  That's what walking through the displays is like.  It's breathtaking.

    Turns out there's a video on the company's web site that is mostly narrated by Kathy, and shows some of the slices.  happy  

  • It's enough to make a person eat a whole chocolate cheesecake.

    Today I was driving somewhere or other and heard an ad on the radio that almost made me blow a gasket.  bitter

    It was one of those weight-loss companies, and would you believe the client giving the gushing testimonial spoke of having lost forty pounds, and going from a size 12/14 to a size 0.  ZERO?!?!  That's a size?  stunned

    In any case, I'd say the chances of my ever being a size 12/14 again hover between fat and slim, so to hear some woman assuring us listeners of the delight of not being embarrassed in public due to her weight was quite depressing and annoying.

    Zero.  What's next?  Clothing sized with negative numbers?  

  • It's certainly interesting to find myself thinking in terms of "What do I want to be when I grow up.

    Seeing as how I turned 59 in June.


    Rather an odd age for a career renewal, especially as I need income now, but training is either pricey, takes a long time, or both.  


    No telling what the LORD has planned, so I'll just have to mush forward and see what happens.  He likes it when we do that.  ;^)