Month: June 2010

  • Found some pictures I'd not seen in years!

    This morning I was clearing out a cabinet (now most of the stuff's just sort of piled around, which probably isn't really an improvement) and discovered three photo albums from awhile back.  I scanned in some of the pix (which include Charles as a baby, and our trip to Orlando in '90) and uploaded them to Flickr.  silly

    Tonight I'm going to go somewhere I've never been, i.e. Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie, with a singles' group to which I belong.  I've no intention of betting, mind, but look forward to watching the races.  Been eons since I've been to a horse race.  Back in Ruidoso decades ago, IIRC.

  • Having finished the opening segment of NFNS....

    ....I'm thinking I'm going to enjoy this year's competition, finding several of the competitors engaging, and their recipes intriguing.  It was a pity about Dzintra (a name that makes "Dmitry" seem positively commonplace in comparison) the woman who had to leave a task due to a scratched cornea, spending the night in the ER and still being unable to cook for 24 hours once released.  Granted, her absence was detrimental to her team and placed extra work on them, but I was honestly shocked at the judgmental, critical attitude of Brianna (a name that should grace nicer females, such as my granddaughter) Jenkins, who carried on about how she would never leave only because she had something in her eye, etc. etc.


    ISTM when the paramedics come and tell a person to get their eye to the ER, a prudent, smart person takes that advice to heart.  It is, after all, one's eye.  True, we've got two (as a general rule) but that doesn't mean we should not take care of one when it's clearly damaged.


    Not in Brianna's loudly and oft-stated opinion, however.  Why, she would never do such a thing as leave as did Dzintra, no matter what.  She made quite clear she thought her fellow competitor was a wimp.


    Which pretty much shows that not only is she stupid, but mean.  Mean and stupid isn't a winning combination, so I'm now officially anxious to see her self-satisfied, arrogant self kicked off the show.


    Sad to say, I'm not a lot fonder of Dzintra, considering the critical attitude she had the nerve to take about the dessert produced in her place.  Uh, sugar, your team members had their own dishes to prepare plus trying to create what you had planned and had purchased ingredients for, without being totally clear on it.  That they managed to serve up something reasonably tasty is a testament to their talent and ability, IMO.  Not that Dzintra praised them for it.


    Maybe the next two weeks will rid the show of two such unpleasant women.  whatevah


  • Who knew there was even a "cupcake world"?

    Much less that the cupcake world is highly competitive?  

    Still, I'll probably watch "Cupcake Wars" anyway.  winky

  • June is such a cool month.

    Not only is it my birthday month (DARK chocolate, please), but it's National Candy Month.  laughing

    It's also when The Next Food Network Star series begins.  Actually, I'm watching it right now.  Really enjoying it!