June 10, 2010

  • Found some pictures I’d not seen in years!

    This morning I was clearing out a cabinet (now most of the stuff’s just sort of piled around, which probably isn’t really an improvement) and discovered three photo albums from awhile back.  I scanned in some of the pix (which include Charles as a baby, and our trip to Orlando in ’90) and uploaded them to Flickr.  silly

    Tonight I’m going to go somewhere I’ve never been, i.e. Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie, with a singles’ group to which I belong.  I’ve no intention of betting, mind, but look forward to watching the races.  Been eons since I’ve been to a horse race.  Back in Ruidoso decades ago, IIRC.

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  • Wow! I loved seeing those pictures! Brings back a lot of happy memories of you, Don and the children. As I was telling Alex just the other day (or month) I remember him when he didn’t have a tooth in his head! Kirstin and the others also, as a matter of fact (I neglected to check out Dmitry’s teeth when he arrived here, but I assume he had a full set, so I can’t say that about him).

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