March 29, 2009

  • Well!  I wasn't the only one in the family with an eventful weekend.  Matt (Kirstin's husband) and Benjamin went camping at Lake Whitney, where Matt is confidant it reached freezing ( said the low was 33, but they were in a low-lying area so he's giving him credit), thus earning the coveted Polar Bear badge (Don took Jonathan on a Scout camping trip once and by jingo if they didn't earn the Polar Bear this area it's not that easy to get).

    Matt says Benjamin is a great camper, nary uttering a complaint.  (Nothing like his Gran, who would have been griping and whining the whole time....I hate tent camping!)

    Here's a photo of Benjamin with the fire he made this morning:

    Ben by campfire-2

    Isn't he the cutest thing? 

    And here he is in front of  Lake Whitney as he and Matt were heading on home:

    Ben by the lake-1

    This brings back memories, so it does. 

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  • Cute as a button!



  • Well done Benjamin & Matt!  I bet they froze their buns off!  I wonder if I still have Jordan's Boy Scout vest around - he had alot of patches....

  • I forgot to mention how much money we'd spend on tents and all the etc.  Seemed like we always needed a new tent - and they were pricey!  Looks like Matt invested in a good one.

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