January 31, 2009

  • The deletions to the household continue.

    Dan moved out last night, now sharing an apartment with his brother, Zhenya. He'd been here since Dmitry and I picked him up at the bus station at 2 a.m. on December 21st of 2007, so I'm going to miss him fiercely. Mind, I'm proud of his accomplishments and how well he's doing at Alcon, but that doesn't mean I like seeing him leave. He's promised faithfully to come visit occasionally.

    This morning the vet called and said Boots has been deteriorating and he's pretty much done all he can for her. Charles went with me so we were with her to pet and love on her as the anesthetic injection took effect. The vet took her into the back to give the fatal shot. We didn't want to be there for that.

    When I think of how full of life Don's and my home used to be, and how different it is now, it's very sad. Never would I have guessed back in mid-November that there would just be me, Dmitry, Joe, and Zeus (Max is here until Dan's settled in, but will shortly move to the apartment) at the end of January.

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  • I'm so sorry, Anne. Sounds like you need a kitten. Nothing like a kitten to perk one up, eh?

  • I remember taking a cat to the vet for The Shot. It was awful. Some day I'll probably have to do it again...so I try to love on my cats all I can agaisnt that day, especially when they throw up somewhere inconvenient, the ridiculous creatures.

    I want to give you a blessing, Anne:

    May your weeping literally be turned to laughter. May you look back on this day with a full heart, revelling in the joy of a house full of laughter and love and plenty, children and grandchildren who adore you, memories of a most delightful marriage, family members who come alive in the Lord, and other as-yet-unknown rich blessings. May you say on that day, "I never believed I would ever again be so happy".

  • That's a nice prayer, Eleanor. At the moment it doesn't seem likely to come to pass, but I suppose with God all things are possible.

  • Mark and remember it anyway!

  • You must open the door to the entrance of life in your house again, Anne. Don't just allow it to leave. If yours and Don's house was a house full of life, then that's the way you both wanted it, and that's the way Don would want it to continue. So don't hold back - the Lord will bring other new lives into your home, and I'm sure you'll welcome them, because if there's one theng that practicing hospitality teaches a person, it's that there are healing, growth and blossoming in the company of other people, as all strive toward the Light.

    much love,

  • I'm glad you didn't watch her get the shot.  It was so sad and awful when Jordan and I consoled and carressed Sparky (our first Maltese) while he got the shot.  The only time I remember seeing tears trickle down Jordan's face.

    So sorry that Dan moved on - I know you'll miss him. (and Boots).  I second the addition of a kitten! 

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