December 25, 2008

  • Christmas 2008, Part II...

    This evening we gathered at Kirstin's for dinner and some gifts, though it was with Jonathan, Dmitry, Joe and me being late due to my managing to get lost.  Joe was following me and must have thought I'd completely lost my mind, considering the convoluted way we went, including being stopped by a barricade where a street ended.  I'm managing alright since Don's death but there's no denying my equilibrium is not what it was (and it isn't anything to write home about under the best of circumstances), and I'm easily flustered and confused.

    However, eventually we - by dint of being talked in by Kirstin via cell phone - arrived.

    Here are Faith and Bridgette, a pair of Christmas sprites:


    And here are Brianna and Bethany with Bryson (they'd been singing carols):


    Bless her heart, li'l Kirsten was upstairs, helping to mind the kids:


    Who included Hannah and Bryson, who have enjoyed deep philosophical and theological conversations when together, from what I hear:


    Benjamin had been dressed casually at first but then insisted upon changing into his "nice" clothes.  One does admire a young man with a proper appreciation for appropriate attire:


    Dmitry and Joe - especially Joe! - manfully shouldered carving duty, slicing the turkey and ham:


    The came the lighting of the Advent wreath, with various children getting a turn:





    After dinner it was finally time to let the kids get at their presents:



    Jonathan Andrew gave each of his nieces and nephews money, but the trick was that it was in various rolls of coins, and the children drew numbers to see who picked a box - or whatever - first.  By jingo, he was right, and the first child to choose (Brianna) chose the heaviest box, which held $20 in pennies.  Bryson had been last and was quite distressed to get the "smallest", even though it was actually worth the most, i.e. $25.

    What Jonathan had not foreseen was the children's immediate unwrapping of their rolled coins.  $20 in pennies is a bunch of pennies, folks.

    Then came the highlight of the evening, when Matt herded everyone outside so I could present Jessica with a joint gift from me and several family members.....a fully loaded 2006 Malibu, to replace the rattletrap she's been struggling along with.  At first she didn't get it:


    But then she did:


    Here she is checking out her new wheels:


    And a bunch of the others checking out her excitement:


    A photo of a happy Jessica with her girls:


    Here's the Flip Video I took; I can't believe I laughed like a loon throughout almost the whole thing, and at a couple of places had it facing the wrong direction but can get the overall:

    Considering that it was the first Christmas without my dearest Donald, it was a pretty good Christmas.  Hope y'all's was as well!

    Merry Christmas! 

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  • Merry Christmas Dear Anne and your most beautiful family.

  • Thanks for posting that! I love being in on the surprise! Magnificent! Wow, what a beautiful family-- may God grant that I should have a crowd like that someday!

  • What a great video!  It was wonderful hearing you laugh, Anne.  And now Jessica has a good, reliable car - one less worry for everyone.

    And I love Benjamin's sense of style.  He knows an Occasion when he's in the midst of one.  :big-smile:

  • You really felt Kirsten's joy. I could hear it. You needed that, I bet. Merry Christmas, Anne, a day late! :love:

  • What a Christmas party!  I wish I could have been there when Jessica got her car!  And the sound on my computer is not working right now.  I love Jonathan's idea for Christmas gifts!  Great pictures, too.  And I get lost when driving at night sometimes, too.  Thank goodness for GPS - even tho IT sometimes fouls me up.  Looks like Kirstin outdid herself on the food.

  • I loved seeing Jessica so excited! Wish I was there! I watched Jessica drive off in that old lunker of hers from Elaine's party, and I was almost jumping up and down with anticipation just knowing what was in store for her that evening!

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