December 24, 2008

  • This first Christmas Eve without Don hasn't been as ghastly as I'd feared.

    Elaine and Hal kindly allowed me to accompany them to St. Andrew's Episcopal for the Children's Service at 5:30 p.m., which was just about perfect as it lasted only about half an hour, included three boffo carols ("Angels We Have Heard On High", "Silent Night", and "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing"), and the kids were cute.

    Worked for me.  ;^)

    Then I came home and the boys and I exchanged gifts.  Sad to say my imagination has been on hiatus so Dan and Joe got the same thing:  an emergency flat-tire-inflator kit for their cars (well, they drive a goodish distance to get to their jobs, and for Dan to get to Sarah's home) and a hooded shirt/jacket thing.  Nothing terribly exciting, but they were polite enough to at least seem pleased:




    Then it was Dmitry's turn:


    Guitar Hero World Tour for the Wii which, to be honest, he probably wouldn't have gotten if Don were still with us.  I don't watch much television and don't mind the boys playing the Wii in here, but Don did like television and wasn't keen on having the guys' Wii games played while he was in the room. 





    They played for a good while (Willie Nelson's "On the Road Again" and Survivor's "The Eye of the Tiger"!) then set out, Dan to Sarah's and Dmitry and Joe out to see if they can find somewhere open to get something to eat.  What do you want to bet they wind up at IHOP, which seems to have become one of their favorite hangouts?

    I figure they can't get into too much trouble at IHOP. 

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  • rock band and guitar hero are lots of watch, can't play the things myself!  We opened presents with Gaelan & Emily tonight.  The darlings gave me a very old copy of the complete works of Robert copyright, the last date mentioned in the preface is 1843.  It's absolutely lovely!

    Praying for you all through this time, Anne!

  • Rabbie Burns, eh? I love his poetry!

    Dan's gift is a generous Target gift card (seeing as how I spend half my time there anyway), Joe's was two nice gift cards to Border's Books (the boys know me too well, obviously), and Dmitry hit the Russia store for me, so I've got a Russian calendar (YAY! I love those), a bag of Russian chocolate Santas, a Larisa Dolina CD, plus an 8x10 frame and a scented candle.

    Cleaned up, I did. :love:

  • I'm so glad your Christmas Eve went well.  If you have Directv, they have great Christmas readings and songs all day on channel 103.  I wish I had gone to the 5:30 children's service, but 1) I had a migraine, and 2) I didn't know about it.  Lost the church newsletter. 

  • No, we've got Charter, not DirectTV. Hope your head is better today!

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