October 19, 2008

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  • They do indeed - beautiful women!


  • Lovely ladies.  Not only could they be sisters, they could be twins.

  • We thought the same thing when we saw them together. Beautiful women : )

  • They are indeed similarly lovely! I'd noticed this from your pics before.

  • My daughter looks eerily like the photos of my younger sister at her age. It's like they could have been twins.

  • My mother always said that if my oldest brother and I looked exactly alike....I'm still not sure how to take that. He's bald now. :hmmmmm:

  • I am pleased as punch to look like Kirstin! In fact, I even look a bit more like her now b/c my hair is closer to her color (I wonder how that happened???). We have the exact same smile/mouth, don't we? Are you my mother? (Ha ha!)

  • They really do -- both lovely ladies. 

    I have a daughter who looks more like my baby sister than like me, too.

    AND, I have a second cousin whose daughter looks exactly like my youngest girl -- they're a year apart, and my little cousin has dark eyes and hair where my daughter has light brown hair and blue eyes, but their face shape and even the expressions and the way they hold themselves is so much alike.  And they're both like my mom when she was their age.  (This is my mom's first cousin's grandchild.)

    So much fun.

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