September 19, 2008

  • That was most interesting!

    This afternoon the phone rang and it was a Mr. Ivy from Waco, who has made an avocation of tracing Ivy lineage over the years.  I don't recall who it was, but someone he knows found this photo of Alex just published in the Military Times (or something like that), of him singing for Friendship Day there in Yokosuka:


    What I don't remember is how he managed to get from that photo to my home phone, but by golly, he did it.  He's pretty sure we meet on the Ivy family tree, over in the Ranger/Cisco area.

    Turns out he spent 24 years in the Navy, and has been in Yokosuka several times.  Small world, huh? 

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  • Great photo, too.

    Pretty neat how he found you. Wonder if Alex even knows about the photo?


  • Probably not. I mean, he will eventually, but it's fairly recent.

  • :so-cool: Your home phone has a screen on it???? Will wonders never cease? I have a camera phone and don't bother using it as I don't know what to do with them then. Alex is indeed a good looking fellow. His grandmom

  • Oh, no no! All I meant is that somehow, with just the info from that photo (giving Alex's name, rank, and hometown) he was able to track down Alex's family. I phrased it clumsily! :hmmmmm:

  • That's our Rock Star!

  • Well, how many "Ivys" are there in the Ft. Wuth phonebook? And how many come before Donald?

  • I love the picture!  Alex is really belting one out?  Please tell us, Alex, what were you singing?

  • I was probably singing "Orange Colored Sky" by Nat King Cole.  'Tis a funny picture.  I like it.

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