February 23, 2008

  • Goodness, I have been a silent Sally, haven't I?

    Let's see.  A week ago today Dmitry and Dan came out from the back, urging Don and me to come outside for "a surprise".

    Surprise indeed!  There was a strange car out there, and from it emerged Joe, Dan's brother! 

    I stopped, stared madly, then clambered down the front steps yelping "Joe!  Joe!  Joe!" 

    Naturally Dmitry, with his inimitable timing, chose that evening to come down with The Crud, waking up on Sunday morning with a fever of 104.6.  e-faint   He was snuffling and sneezing and coughing....a miserable sight, to be sure.  Fortunately Tylenol brought the fever down to a more manageable 102, so he wasn't feeling quite so wretched.  In fact, he felt improved enough to believe he was going to go with Dan and Joe to visit their friend, Viktor, and was slightly put out when I firmly vetoed that idea.  Gee, Dmitry, I can't imagine why you'd think there's a problem with you going over to visit other people even though you feel better.  Moms are just so darn unreasonable, aren't they?

    A day or two later, Dan complained of a headache, began coughing, and running a fever.  As of last night, he's still under the weather.  So far Joe's escaped it, but we'll see.

    On Thursday morning I drove out to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton's, where Kirstin's children go to church and Kirstin has a p/t job in the Christan Education office, to collect Bryson and take him back to their home for a few hours (he'd have come back here except Dan's ill and we didn't want to risk Bryson catching it).  He wasn't on board with this plan, however, clinging like a limpet to his mother's leg, and only being - reluctantly - moved to come along with Gran by the holding out of a box of Girl Scout's Thin Mints as a lure.

    As Bryson-bait, Thin Mints work a treat.

    Gave him the box to hold in the car, and a couple of cookies as soon as we hit the house.  He helped himself to another two or three after that, so I carefully pushed the open sleeve back far enough on the counter that he couldn't reach it.

    Later on when it was almost time to leave to return him to Kirstin up at the church I made a visit to the necessary.  I swear I wasn't in there more than a few minutes, and had left Bryson placidly watching one of his shows.

    The boy must have been biding his time, for when I came out it was to find him seated at the table in the breakfast nook, the unopened sleeve of Thin Mints in his left hand (the empty box on the table), a pair of child's scissors in his right hand, bits of silver paper bearing witness to his attempt to gain access to the coveted cookies, and a face that was an absolute picture of guilt.  e-hairout

    He's a severe naughtiness, he is.  A cute naughtiness, but still....a naughtiness. 

    On Wednesday Don flew up to Washington D.C. for a class to be certified to sell some fancy-schmancy Microsoft video conference equipment.  He said it was cold, and lightly snowing part of the time.  The place he and Hugh - a tech from the company Don works for - stayed was actually in Hearndon, VA, but after class on Thursday the two of them drove into DC proper so Hugh could see the various monuments, the National Mall, etc.  He'd never been there before so it'd have been a pity for him to have missed them.  Don arrived back home late last night.

    And that's pretty much the week.  I'll try to do better about updating during the next one. 

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  • Wow, you have been busy!! I hope Dan is better today. I guess you had to take him to the Dr also for medicine. Or do they give medicine for the crud or flu?

    How did Don like the class?  And how is Charles doing at Texas tech.?

  • I wish you'd had a camera to catch the look on Bryson's face, but your description was wonderful!  I'm sorry Dan & Dmitry have been sick.  That's great about Don learning about the MS video schamcy thing!  John wants to go to DC more than anywhere!  Very nice post.

  • Only Bennett truly had the crud in our house. And we were lucky his fever only hit 102! (A friend of ours little guy's fever hit 106 and he had to spend an evening in the emergency!). Hope everyone is feeling better.

    Bryson sounds like a lot of fun

    RYC: Kidney stones are the worst, they are the devil for sure. The weird thing is that one moment you can be in abject agony and feel pretty good the next. They're scary scary things.

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