April 24, 2007

  • Words of wisdom from Horatius Bonar:

    "The avoidance of little evils, little sins, little inconsistencies,
    little weaknesses, little follies, little indiscretions and
    imprudences, little foibles, little indulgences of self and of the
    flesh, little acts of indolence or indecision or slovenliness or
    cowardice, little equivocations or aberrations from high integrity,
    little touches of shabbiness and meanness, little indifferences to the
    feelings or wishes of others, little outbreaks of temper, or crossness,
    or selfishness, or vanity--the avoidance of such little things as these goes far to make up at least the negative beauty of a holy life."  (God's Way of Holiness)

    H/T:  Tim Challies' Even the Smallest Island