January 30, 2007

  • You know you live in Fort Worth when the following traffic warning is printed in the newspaper:

    Steers, pigs, traffic jams

    Do you drive through the Cultural District as part of your
    commute? Today, you might want to find another way. Thousands of swine
    and cattle will arrive in trailers for the upcoming junior steer and
    barrow competitions at the Fort Worth Stock Show. That could lead to
    traffic jams around the immediate area, including University Drive,
    Lancaster Avenue and Interstate 30. The junior steer and barrow shows
    begin Thursday.

    Of course, I live in the Cultural District, and have been periodically battling long lines of cattle trailers for a couple of weeks now.

    Fortunately it's over on Sunday! 

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  • But are you going to the Stock Show?

    I confess, city kid that I am, I've always loved animal exhibits. We go to at least one county or local fair every year, usually two. Pennsylvania's state farm show is in January in Harrisburg, but that's too far, unfortunately. My parents used to make it a regular habit after the kids were grown, while they were still able.

  • Um, no. Not any more. We used to, when the children were little, but Dmitry loathes crowds so he has no interest in going.

    OTOH, Elaine was at the rodeo last night and alerted me that tomorrow is Military Appreciation Day, with free admission to the rodeo (and grounds) for the military person plus his immediate family.

    I'm hoping Charles will want to go.

    Haven't been to the rodeo in years. Elaine says she just loves it! Last night was her third time to go this year. =8^o

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