July 22, 2006

  • Yesterday was the last day of the St. Andrew's Episcopal Vacation Bible School, which had a medieval theme. Mercy Maud, but the organizers and volunteers worked hard! Not only was there a spiffy castle - complete with knights in armor in turrets - but the classroom area downstairs was all decorated, too. It was a stroke of sheer genius, using bamboo torches outside of each room, the sort similar to this:


    They weren't lit, naturally, but still made a wonderful effect.

    There was a ceremony of sorts, where I tried to snag a decent photo of Meredith, but simply couldn't. Either I couldn't see her or she'd duck her head, the rapscallion. Here's the best one....she's right there between the two women, facing the camera:


    Is that a cool castle or what? Here's the pastor of St. Andrew's, along with a pair of his stalwart helpers:


    I'd fetched Margaret from the nursery so she could see the ceremony, too. It lasted longer'n I'd anticipated, and she's a wiggly two year old, so she spent most of the time in the aisle, next to me:


    She's so cute! When there was applause she vacillated between clapping wildly or making graceful curtseys. While the singing was going on, she'd spin and twirl:

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  • That's hilarious! She does love to spin and twirl. If she doesn't become a professional ballerina, I don't know who will. I've never seen someone so taken with dancing. Thanks for posting the pictures!

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