June 17, 2006

  • Oh OH!  The group that is seeking judicial relief from KFC's fatty
    fried chicken has now set their sights on Starbucks, according to Yahoo! news

    Starbucks Corp. may be next on the
    target list of a consumer-health group that this week sued the
    operator of the KFC fried chicken restaurant chain for frying
    foods in oils high in harmful trans fat.

    The Center for Science in the Public Interest said it is
    planning to campaign against the global cafe chain because of
    the increased risk of obesity, heart disease and cancer
    associated with high-calorie, high-fat products it sells.

    Mercy Maud, they're feeling their oats, aren't they?  KFC is one thing, but sticking their fingers into other people's coffee

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  • If they think even for one nanosecond that I'm going to give up half-and-half in my coffee, they can expect Rebellion from me.

  • Whoa! Eleanor's feelin' feisty! =8^o

  • CSPI is such a bunch of hacks. Like someone whose ONLY vice is cream in Starbucks coffee is going to drop over dead because of something Starbucks does. They call them "lifestyle" diseases for a reason -- they're not "eating or drinking one particular thing" diseases. By all means make people aware that cream in coffee is among those things that can potentially cause health issues, but don't blame ONE COMPANY that happens to serve ONE PARTICULAR questionably healthy product. Sheesh.

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