April 23, 2006

  • Speaking of the Mavericks reminds me of a marketing ploy involving them
    that transpired last week.  At one of the Mavericks' games,
    American Airlines gave away approximately 20,000 free round trip ticket
    vouchers for anywhere AA flies from Love Field.

    Don pointed out last night that so far American only flies to Kansas City from Love Field.  

    He also said the vouchers are showing up on eBay, as apparently not
    that many people who were at the game have any particular yen to go to
    Kansas City.

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  • lol! i would totally go, just for the break. wish i was at that game ;)

    besides i lived in kansas city once, when i was very small. well. kc, missouri. not kansas. not sure which this was.

  • That'd be it...KC's split in half, with part of it in Missouri and part in Kansas. Like Texarkana.

  • If I had a deal like that, I'd take it no matter where it went.

    But then, most people aren't so desperate for vacations, and probably have gotten around more than I. I'll take visiting a place I've never been before just for the novelty, assuming it wasn't some really dreadful place. Surely there's something worth seeing in KC that I haven't seen yet. (Everything's up to date there, after all!)

  • I remember when a fellow in Lawton's office took his wife to San Francisco on a business trip. I got to go to Amarillo. The main fun was calling the judge's office and telling the secretary all the dirt on the Davis trial. The paper in town was talking about how Davis was in town and visited the judge and was fawned over. Hmm, in case you don't know, this was a murder case and Davis was a rich fellow who married a blond on the day of his father's death as his father had threatened to disown him if he did. Then when she left him and was divorcing for a large amt, he killed her boyfriend and her daughter. And with a high priced lawyer and those who thought he was cute, he got off. Even after he hired a fellow to kill the judge. Shhhsh. This has nothing to do with the subject but what the heck .

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