April 13, 2006

  • By jingo, one never knows what the day's mail will bring, does one?

    Yesterday I was both puzzled and a bit taken aback to receive what appeared to be an invitation or thank you notecard in Kirstin's handwriting, addressed to herself at our street address.  Figuring that what with three small children and hosting Easter lunch for the family she could be forgiven for getting a trifle confused, I opened it.

    Okay, now I was concerned.  It was a Mary Englebright (or whatever her name is) note card, written by Kirstin, and dated April 13, 2005

    Checked the postmark....dated April 10, 2006.  Hmmmm.....

    The note concerned what was going on in her life a year ago, such as having fired their realtor.

    Jessica was over visiting, and Don arrived home, so the three of us batted it around for a few minutes but couldn't come up with any logical explanation.  Since I was going to be over babysitting Kirstin's kids today, I took it along with me.

    Anyone guess?  Took her a couple of astonished minutes, too.

    A year ago she was in some small group or something like that, and everyone had to write a note to themselves about what was happening in their lives at the time, seal it up, address it, then give it to the leader.  It'd be mailed the next year, with the idea being they'd open it and compare their lives a year ago with their lives now.

    Since Kirstin was in the process of selling her house, without having purchased another one, she chose to write down one of the true constants in an otherwise inconstant world, i.e. her parents' address.

    Then she promptly forgot all about it.

    Hint to anyone who might think something like this is a valuable exercise:  Take a moment to write an explanatory note to yourself as the opening sentence, for otherwise you're going to think you've lost your mind when the year-old letter to yourself arrives. 

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  • That is cool.  I think we all should do that. 

  • Good idea Heather, we'll have Steve hang on to them and mail them next year, he's got nothing better to do.....


  • What a neat idea, but I agree a note needs to be written so you don't think you've lost your mind when you recieve a year old letter!! Many years ago I recieved my phone bill two years late. It was postmarked and dated two years earlier, and I could remember my room mate and I calling the phone company trying to get a list of the charges so that we could split it fairly (back in the early/mid 80's it wasn't so easy)!

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