March 28, 2006

  • One would think a big company such as CNN could pop for editors, wouldn't one?

    Clearly they don't, for if they did there wouldn't be howlers on their site as in this story about tomorrow's total eclipse:   "Night will turn to day in the eclipse's route and a corona will glow
    around the edges of the moon as it comes between the earth and the sun."

    Really?  Night will turn to day?

    I'll bet astronomers are very excited about this eclipse! 

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  • I noticed that one too. Wonder if they write textbooks too?

  • Oddly, my own local paper made this very type of mistake yesterday also.

    There was an article about how, in order to clear up a backlog of traffic violations, Traffic Court was having a "J" Day. (Presumably, they're having other days for other letters of the alphabet, but this was the one they focused on.)

    The newspaper said that on that "J Day", all people with outstanding traffic cases whose last names end with the letter "J" would have them heard. It had previously said something about "dozens" of people.

    Now, there are about, oh, I dunno, 150,000 people in this county. Since this county is NOT located in Serbia, how likely is it that there are "dozens" of people in this county whose last names end with the letter J, who have outstanding traffic warrants?

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