February 25, 2006

  • [glowering]  Let it be known that I dislike the Cowtown Marathon.  Why they can't, just once, find a route not affecting me, I can't think.  This morning Dmitry had tutoring, so off we went a few minutes before 9 a.m. 

    What is normally a pretty short trip took nearly twenty minutes due to the combination of my attempts to avoid the marathon and being held up when I failed.  Unfortunately I neglected to check the route before I left, for had I done so I'd have realized there was no way for me to get Dmitry to Eagle Academy without running into the marathon:


    It didn't turn out terribly well at this size, but see that black dot sort of in the middle?  That's labeled "Home".  The blue line indicates the marathon route.  Eagle Academy is off to the left, past the westernmost point of the route.  As you can tell, it didn't matter in what direction I went, there were barricades, police, volunteers, aid stations, and most of all, runners.  All blocking the way and impeding traffic.

    Can't the dumb thing be inflicted upon the eastern half of the city?  Or the southern?  Why is it inevitably the western section where I live? 

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  • It's once a year, Anne. :)

    Besides, marathon runners don't like new routes, generally speaking.

    It'll be alright.


  • I'm just thankful I'm not one of those marathon runners. Instead, I'm sitting cozily at my computer, listening to the never-ending rain outside, thankful that I'm not running/walking or even MOVING. I agree with me...it is just once a year! Still, it gave you something to blog about and that's always welcome!

  • I suppose it does provide blogging fodder.

    And it wouldn't have bothered me this year except for having to get Dmitry to school. Otherwise I'd have remained snuggled in my bed, as sensible people are at 9 a.m. on a wet, chilly Saturday morning.

  • Anne, dearest...

    Hows come you've never mentioned this marathon before? Faron will travel most everywhere for a marathon. He flew to Houston 10 years ago for their marathon.

    One would think you didn't have your wits about you (an utterly - or should I say "udderly" since we're talkin' about Cowtown? - incredible idea) to see through to the travel possibilities here.

    Think on it.


  • I assumed he knew about it, Cindy. Aren't there marathon websites listing all the various races? The Cowtown gets runners from around the world, after all.

    Never occurred to me Faron was unaware of it. Sorry!

    He needs to put it on his calendar for next year...last weekend of February.

  • He was aware of it, just never connected it with someone I know...

    Most of the big races do get runners from around the world. Faron and his friends formed the "White Deer Marathon Training Club of Williamsport" and Jason designed a cool singlet with a running white deer. (The place where they do a lot of training is called White Deer." The shirt gets a lot of attention and at some big race - maybe the Marine Corps Marathon in DC - the winner of the race, a Ugandan I believe, admired the shirts so much that Faron pulled his off and made the guy an "official" member of their club.

    Runners are very egalitarian, which is one of the reasons Faron loves the sport. When he was a bicyclist, the elite runners were just that - elite, and extremely elitist. They absolutely would not even converse with anyone who wasn't at their level. Runners are more respectful of the fact that the slower guys are actually gutsier in many respects. Imagine running for 6 hours straight!

    Sorry - end of lecture.

    Faron says he hasn't been on the lookout for other TX races because he's already done one there. His life-dream is to do one in every state.


  • On behalf of runners everywhere - give us ONE day of non-hate!! 8-) Just kiddin of course, but you'd be amazed at how mean, ugly drivers can be. I almost go run over a couple times by angry, honking suburbans in North Dallas during a triathlon - even got flipped off. Funniest part, is that most were on their way to church! Irony, truly. Anyway, its hard to find roads that people dont get mad at us for using...so give us one day a year.

    HOWEVER, I will say - you are in quite a location for Cowtown!! So sorry...next year you may have to just resort to what many White Rock residents do - they get lawn chairs, hot toddies or mimosas and watch runners go by and cheer for them. Speaking from experience - there is NOTHING more motivating when you are struggling thru mile 22 than someone cheering for you.

    Just a tidbit from me.

  • So sorry to hear of your unpleasant experiences, particularly from those on their way to church.

    Truth be told, the only years the Cowtown is a nuisance are when I am obligated to get out earlyish in the morning. By 11 a.m. all the runners are past my neighborhood, taking their roadblocks and aid stations and police cars with 'em.

    Meaning it's all Dmitry's fault. Were it not for his difficulties with math, I could have been home, safe and snug in bed.

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