January 26, 2006

  • Naturally it turned out the swearing-in ceremony was about 10 a.m.    Got there two hours early.  Still, both Don and I were able to be present, so that's a good thing.

    We waited and waited and waited, but finally a voice over the loudspeaker instructed all those recruits shipping out today to come to the front desk to get their contracts.  Wow.  Didn't know Charles could move that fast.    Here he is, preparing to head back to the swearing-in room:

    Then the families got to wait some more, but were ourselves eventually called back.  The recruits were lined up in rows, and of course Charles was at the opposite end.....don't tell me he didn't plan that, the wretch. 

    Here they're taking the oath (political correctness abounds, I regret to say; if the recruit doesn't want to "swear", he may substitute "affirm", and omit "So help me God" entirely.  As the man said, they don't want anyone to be offended):

    To his dismay I was able to snag this photo, too:

    Heading to a room behind the Official Room, where they read over their contracts one more time:

    Here he is, examining his contract.  Isn't this thrilling? 

    But finally the magic must end, and a nice woman offered to take our photo, to which Charles reluctantly consented:

    There were only a couple of other Navy recruits, and their plane is due to leave shortly before 4:00 this afternoon.  More hurrying up and waiting!  What's frightful is it's cold in Chicago and he has no jacket.  He'll be issued a coat upon arriving at the base, however. 

    So.  'Tis done.  Now one-third of our children are in the Navy. 

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  • And one half of my grandsons have been in the Navy! Odd indeed. My brother was in the Navy in WWII.  Never went anywhere tho. Overseas I mean.  I am proud of all ! The Navy is lucky!! Maybe I should write the Navy's top folk and tell them. Hmmm. Maybe not.

  • Yes...remember what Alex's friends said, we want him to "lay low"!  Praying for Mom...and Charles.  How exciting!

  • Was Uncle Charlie in the Navy? I didn't know that, at least not to remember. What'd he do?

  • I'm glad you said they weren't all Navy recruits, 'cause I was laughing that the guy in the "An Army of One" t-shirt was joining the Navy ...

  • What a day for you. Sweet and sad at the same time. He'll make you proud. (and I sure hope he goes nuclear!)

    Do they cut recruits hair before the swearing in ceremony these days? Or is it the current style among young men to have short hair? Guess I'm really behind the times.

    I was, however, extremely disappointed that there were two female recruits.

  • No, he'll get shaved when he reaches Great Lakes. Alex had strongly advised he ditch the goatee before getting there, though...something about the type of razor he'd have to use.

    The slip of a girl in the horizontal striped shirt? That little thing's going into the Army to serve as a correctional officer! =8^o

    Her grandmother (her grandparents were up from San Antonio to see her off) assured me she has a heck of a temper, never mind her size.

  • You must be so proud!

  • To be sure, I am! Thanks, Cheri.

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