August 29, 2005


    Just watched a live report from Fort Walton, Fl, where the reporter was
    talking with the manager of a Holiday Inn which has remained open so as
    to provide shelter for vacationers who were unable to leave the

    Doggone if while they were talking - on a pier - some idiot couple trucked out onto the pier with their children, obviously so they could get on national TV, based upon their grinning and waving from behind the manager and reporter. 

    A levee has been breached in New Orleans, not far from the French Quarter.

    Thank heavens Jordan got out of there in time. 

    BTW, kudos to that Holiday Inn manager, as far from price gouging, he lowered his rates. 

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  • Sometime after the big tsunami, there was another earthquake in the ocean, and people in the area (I forget where it was) went down to the beach to get a good look in case another tsunami came along.  Some people have IQs in the minus numbers. 

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