August 29, 2005

  • Speaking of cute kids.....!  This evening Don, Dmitry and I went
    to Carrollton to have dinner with Beth, her mother, Ann, and
    Hannah.  ;^)

    Uncle Dmitry is putty in his niece's hands, even offering his watch to her as a toy.

    Is she a piece of serious poppetry or what

    And the guy with the mustache isn't bad, either. 

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  • Wow, what a cutie. Bet she's all over the place.

  • She is, indeed, and not yet six months old! Is crawling and pulling herself up already. =8^o

  • Wow, that's even faster than my daughter, who started crawling around six months. At first you're thrilled that they're developing so quickly...and then you realize just how much more trouble they are now capable of.

  • Exactly!

    I've hinted they should sort of push her back down, but new know.

  • You've got some serious poppetry going on in your family. Little Hannah is just as gorgeous as her cousins.

    They don't sort of push her back down?!! They will with the next one!! My Robert (the 15 year old) walked at 10 months, I kept telling him "no not yet", but he wouldn't listen. Bennett walked at 15 months and Katherine at 18 months (I was beginning to think I'd just carry her to kindergarten).

  • I do believe you win the prize for "blog entries with the cutest collection of kids"!

  • [sheepishly] What can I say? We've got a LOT of children, grandchildren, and nieces and nephews.

    And they're all pretty cute.

  • She's almost as cute as our (truk77 is my husband) daughter.


    But she is pretty darn cute. :)

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