August 28, 2005

  • Did I ever mention my nephew Jordan is a HOUND?  

    Turns out he's been in Shreveport since yesterday, but didn't bother to let anyone know. 

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  • These newfangled telephones leave a lot to be desired!! Turns out Jordan called Justin's house at 11:30 or 12 midnight so as not to wake his folks, as he was heading out of New Orleans, as he was in the right lane of the interstate they were required to head north instead of West as the left lane was routed! They found a motel in Arkansas at dawn, slept, woke up and are now heading towards Arlington to stay  at his mom's.  They  being Caroline and Jordan. As he moved all his posessions (sp?) this past week to NO to an apartment on the 1st floor, he was reluctant to leave it. I am concerned about looting anything not ruined. Drat. Oh well, he is safe and sound! And only 30 and can start over anywhere! His grandmom

  • The right lane went north! Drat again. And they were in the right lane and TX is left of Louisiana. I hope.

  • Oh good. I was just going to post to your other entry & ask you if he had gotten out.

    My husbands grandparents are here, and his uncle. His cousin & her babies are in Houston with her mom. And his great grandmother (96 years old) & moms aunt are on their way out, near baton rouge as of 2 pm not sure if anyone has heard anything since. This whole thing is upsetting my husband, he has a lot of new orleans memories.  

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