July 16, 2005

  • Brianna was over today while Jessica worked; she and her Granddaddy had
    fun playing games, then we baked cookies and Brianna decorated them:

    About three o'clock the Waybourn boys arrived, and it was off to the club for swimming, diving, and jumping:

    They had a super time until thunder caused the lifeguards to clear the pool.    Still, they got to swim for over an hour, so that's not too bad.

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  • What a great day of Making Memories! Jason used to say that, having heard it once from someone, whenever we did something he considered unusual or especially fun. "We're making a memory!"

    What I find interesting about the way we remember childhood Great Days like this, is either we think that these different things all happened on different days, or we remember things that happened on different days as having happened all at once.

    We lived in a trailer until Jason was 6, but he was commenting on his 3rd birthday once, which was announced on TV on the "Hatchy Milatchy" show, with a hint that a gift was hidden behind Mommy's chair, as having happened here in this house! That cracks me up. :)

    Anyway - I do digress, don't I? Great photos of a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing!


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