March 29, 2005

  • [with deep, heartfelt exasperation]  That Boy!!!  

    Yes, I mean Dmitry.

    It's amazing to me how spring brings out the worst in my children, at
    least as regards school. Always has, and apparently the tradition
    continues with Dmitry, who had detention this morning for an offense
    yesterday, and by golly if he isn't in trouble again

    Yesterday was him "refusing to sit by the seating chart in the
    cafeteria", which is rather odd as I've never heard of seating charts
    in school cafeterias.  He'd received a second admonishment
    yesterday because of his shirt not being tucked in.

    He absolutely hates having his shirt tucked in.  Loathes it.  This has been an ongoing problem. 

    Happened again today.  This time he'll receive detention plus have to write sentences to boot.

    I realize there are certainly worse behavior problems, but his dogged
    refusal to obey the dress code is getting on everyone's nerves, both at
    school and, subsequently, at home.  Grrrrr.........

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  • I'm with Dmitry, I hate having to tuck in my shirt. I hope you can work it all out. My son gets in trouble a lot for not doing his work - it's too easy for him & bores him (he is in Kindergarden). When he does do it he does it quick, like today he had it all done by lunchtime. I may ask his teacher on AIM tonight (if I see her online) what he did AFTER lunch . haha.

  • Well, for pity's sake, don't let Dmitry know you agree with him!

    He also dislikes the way his uniform slacks fit. I think he was accustomed to wearing pants too small at the orphanage, and never wore khaki slacks anyway before coming here, and the "fit" is quite different from either jeans or the "parachute"-material pants he favors.

    And to him, "different" = bad.

    His current plan for revenge is to become a millionaire (seeing as how he flunked the three weeks math test this morning, I'm unclear as to how he's planning upon making his first million) then buy the school and shut it down.

    Tell you who he reminds me of...his oldest brother, Jonathan. =8^0

  • I fully expect GREAT THINGS from Jonathan Andrew one of these days, came to that conclusion when he was but a toddler asking brilliant questions and I fully expect GREAT THINGS  from Dimitri when he figures out what he can do well and likes to do well! Which he will! Exposure, to all types of situations. Maybe he could do some volunteer work in a hospital this summer. I figured out what I could do well when in my 40's so some of us are slow learners! But I did!! An expectant Grandmom, still waiting for GREAT THINGS!

  • And Mrs. Massey just called, griping about Charles.


    I'll be satisfied if Dmitry manages his second career choice (after becoming a millionaire so he can buy schools for the purpose of closing them), which is working for Blockbuster. Spending his days surrounded by video games! Becoming an authority on them!

    This is Dmitry's idea of heaven.

    And hey, there's nothing wrong with working at Blockbuster, after all.

  • Oy!! Boys!!! I haven't had a kid have detention because of the issues you're having with Dmitry....but my oldest nearly got tossed from school when he shoved a teacher (I was mortified). I'm sure I'd have issues with the clothing if they told my son that he had to tuck in his shirt...I'm still trying to get him to tie his shoes (this being my middle boy who is 14).

    As far as I'm concerned summer is too far away, good Lord I'm tired of school....and I've not even been a student in many many years!

  • Temple does have Rules, not a doubt about it.

    Which is only to be expected, after all; it's a Very Conservative Christian School. But Putting a teenage boy from Russia, who's never heard of a school dress code before, and who is accustomed to attending school Mon-Sat from 8 till 12 or 1, with not much homework, into an American private school...well!

    I daresay friction is pretty much a given.

  • A seating chart for a cafeteria? Can anyone say ANAL? Good heavens. I'd be chomping at the bit, my own self, under that kind of "thumb." Makes me wonder what those kids are like, when there isn't someone gazing down upon them with "tsk" written all over their faces. I mean, do they go nuts, once they're let free?

    Not that I'd blame them. sheesh.

  • I can see the motivation for a seating chart in a cafeteria. Not that I necessarily think it's a good idea -- I think it's a band-aid sort of solution that needs to be addressed at a different level, particularly in a Christian school.

    Cafeterias can become places where cliques reign and a lot of social abuse can take place. For most of junior high and to a lesser extent in high school, I was the kid who, when I came to sit down at one part of the table, other people would go into a highly dramatic and histrionic performance of trying to get as far from me as possible, or telling me to go somewhere else or I'd get hit (depending on whether it was the "cool kids" or the rough kids in question. My hygiene was fine, FWIW. I just had been marked out as the Person in the School Who Will Be Treated That Way, I suppose because of awkwardness.) Enforced seating eliminates this kind of thing. It doesn't make the cruel kids good, but it spares the pariahs a certain amount of humiliation and allows them to eat their lunches more or less in peace. It also cuts down on making lunch time the time for the cultivation of cliquishness and other undesirable behavior, by not allowing the kids to set up their own class-based seating arrangements.

    There are better ways to do this, such as teaching the kids to treat one another with Christian grace through genuine discipleship, and enforcing a minimal standard of external decency where that doesn't take root, but like I said, I can see the motivation, at least.

    Anyhow, poor Anne. Just remind him that tucking his shirt in couldn't possibly be more unpleasant than serving detention and writing pointless lines, and if he chooses to stew in detention, that it is entirely and completely his own fault. Beyond that, grin, bear it, and pray!

  • I talked to him on the way to school about how Christ pointed out if we're not faithful and obedient in the small things, we'll be dead in the water when we're faced with a need to be obedient in the BIG things, and that as he gets older, he'll need some serious "obedience" muscles to avoid big sins.

    IOW, I urged him to look at it as an opportunity to build up his obedience muscles on something relatively innocuous, and that costs him nothing.

    He muttered about looking forward to being old, so he'll be "free". Managed to not run the car off the road as I laughed uproariously (to his deep offense) at the notion of age bringing with it "freedom", at least in the sense he's using it.

    I'm planning upon discussing with him the paradox (God is definitely a Being who enjoys paradox, isn't He?) that the most disciplined people are the most free, while the least disciplined are either locked up in prison, or too heavy (ouch!) to wear the clothes they'd like, etc.

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