February 26, 2005

  • It was the Very Finest of Soccer Action.

    Okay, maybe that's a tiny exaggeration. 

    But the kids were cute as all get out, and that's no exaggeration whatsoever.  Today was Brianna's first soccer game, except it's chilly and rainy so only she and three other little girls on her team showed up.  Jessica's the coach, BTW.

    Naturally some rain and chilliness wasn't gonna keep her Gran away. 


    Here's Brianna, posing her little heart out.  One thing she isn't, is camera shy. 

    Brianna encouraging her teammates.  Well, that or ragging on 'em.  Hard to tell from a distance.

    You'll notice Brianna at the forefront, with Emily running behind her, while the other two Princesses (the name of the team...they played the Pixies) basically stood.  That happened a lot.

    I thought this was a pretty decent action shot, if I may be so bold.

    The all-important halftime snack break.  Notice the proliferation of umbrellas.  I spent the time holding my umbrella in my left hand while shooting pictures and videos with my right.


    Brianna celebrating making a goal!

    Lemme tell you, she was right in the thick of it the entire time.  She's gonna be some kinda soccer player!

    Or a model.  Could break either way.   ;^)

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