December 31, 2004

  • I bought a $5.97 package of those popper things at Tom Thumb yesterday. . . you know, the ones that explode when you throw them down or at a wall, and when one pulls a string, etc.?  Since fireworks are illegal here in the city, these are what are subbed.

    Charles sneered at my modest offering, saying that he and Tanner (part of the Cow Sponge band, doncha know) had bought heaps more than those.  He's spending the night at Tanner's, where they will presumably terrorize the neighborhood with their astounding mound of exploding poppers.

    Dmitry had a good time out on the back porch, however:

    Well, he did when they went off as they're supposed to.   ;->

    The top two pictures were taken with the night scene mode, while the last one was not.  Quite a difference!

    Hope everyone has a safe New Year's Eve!