Month: July 2012

  • Once again, the USA's Olympic uniforms were lacking.

    They lacked imagination. They lacked style.  They lacked flair.  

    Unfortunately, they were not lacking berets.  What on earth would make Ralph Lauren think berets are representative American headgear?

    He wants representative, bring on the gimme caps!  Now those are American!

    And big, round, white patches on both the boring navy blue blazer and embarrassing beret?

    Please, please tell me Lauren donated his time to designing the nation's #Olympic outfits.  I'd hate to think he actually got paid for it.  

    Still, we were not the only western nation displaying a sad dearth of imagination. Norway's blazer feature a big "N."  Canada's had "Canada" written across the front.  Presumably the designers were aware their designs were so generic that cheat sheets were required.  

    And from whence came all the nations of which I'd never heard?  Must have been almost half a dozen of 'em, yet I swear I don't recall muttering, "What? Who's THAT?" repeatedly during the Beijing opening ceremony.  

    The queen looked as if she would have preferred to have been anywhere other than where she was, and read the formal opening statement with all the enthusiasm and inflection of a robot.  A bored robot.  BTW, where was Charles?  I saw William.  I saw Kate.  I saw Harry.  I saw Prince Phillip.  Never got a glimpse of Charles.  Wasn't he present?  Considering how AWOL was his mother, it's a pity she didn't hand the opening over to him.  He'd have enjoyed it.

    Let Paul McCartney be a lesson to us all.  When it's over, it's over.  Age eventually takes it toll, and all the hair dye in the world won't disguise an elderly, quavery voice.  Why can't entertainers go gently into that good night?  

    On the plus side, it's in London.  I love London.  And it was terrific, the amount of recognition and appreciation shown to the volunteers, not to mention the construction worker "honor guard."  Don't you know they were thrilled to discover they got to be inside the stadium during the opening ceremony, and cheering the torch bearers as they came through?  Wow.  

    Of course, the best part is always the beaming grins on the faces of the athletes and their trainers, coaches, etc.  Makes me happy just to watch them.