Month: December 2010

  • Well, THAT was a waste of time, gas, and eager anticipation.

    A friend had told me last weekend, I think it was, about Sprouts opening a store in the old Albertson's space at Hulen and 820.  On Monday I drove out there and saw a big sign posted, advising that applications may be made online, or will be accepted Dec. 10 and 11, from 8-5 on the Friday and 8-2 on the Saturday.

    ISTM it's preferable to get in front of people, so I decided to go this morning, resume in hand.

    To be greeted at the door by a man clearly stationed there to provide an unwelcome piece of information:  one is obligated to apply online first, then one is called for an interview, and so far over 4000 applications have been received online with 600 interviews having been set up.

    IOW, you're too late.  He doubted anyone applying now will receive an interview.

    Not only was I nonplussed and depressed to learn this, but I deeply felt for the other people who were showing up, obviously having thought along the same lines as I.

    Doggone it, the sign very clearly said that applications would be accepted today and tomorrow at that location and during specified hours!  I think that really stinks, to publicly state such information then renege on it.

    Stupid how much it affected me.  Found myself struggling with tears as I drove back home.  I'd really hoped I'd have a good shot at a job there, if only I could get in front of someone.

    Boo.  And hoo.

    Time to eat chocolate.   whatevah

  • Does anyone actually live the life as suggested by commercials?

    Where the period between Thanksgiving and New Year's is a relentless series of one champagne-and-fancy-appetizer party after another?

    And who does all this dropping-in?  If I've been urged via radio and TV to keep a particular item on hand because of all the people who are going to drop in, I've been urged to keep a dozen.

    Wouldn't my friends and family be surprised were I to actually take 'em by surprise and drop in, looking expectantly around for bottles of bubbly and platters of goodies to be whipped out for my entertainment?  silly

    Personally, I prefer some notice (to be frank, I prefer to do my own inviting, too) so as to make sure the carpet is vaccumed, the kitchen floor swept, and the litter boxes tidied up.

    Drop in at your own risk.  cool