September 19, 2009

  • Various and sundry stuff…

    First, a couple more photos from the recent trip; here is Jennifer and me at the Russian Festival:

    And here is her husband, Dave, on one of their various modes of transportation (another is a kayak), with Michelle preparing to join her father:

    It really was a wonderful, wonderful trip! 

    Last Sunday was our Bryson’s birthday party, held at another bounce house.  Elaine was present with her girls, as were Beth, Alex, and their daughters.

    Charles and Alex, conversing:

    Bethany loved hauling Faith around:

    Margaret rushing for another turn:

    Here they come!  ;^)

    Bethany giving Faith a ride:

    Uncle Charles was on hand to whirl kids around, along with picking them up and throwing them onto one of the inflatables.  To his dismay, after tossing Bryson he found a line of other children rapidly forming, each anxious to have their turn.  He got really tired, really fast, picking up and throwing child after child.  Charles is a good-natured soul. 

    Jessica with Bridgette, the poppet:

    A bit of excitement was caused by Brianna’s losing a tooth (it’d been loose so one of her uncles took her out to help her pull it).

    Here’s the birthday boy:

    It was dark in there so I found it hard to snap good photos of the children in motion, and they were in perpetual motion!

    Alex’s birthday was on the 12th, so I took him a few presents, including a tie I found for him at a music store in Lafayette, IN, plus something that looked like the sort of thing he’d enjoy:

    Jessica and her girls moved in on Wednesday (although their beds won’t be here till tomorrow, when Joe and some of the other boys go get them).  Blessedly Brianna is enjoying her new school, and also likes to hunt lizards in the bushes and climb the Bradford pear out front:


    That’s enough for now!  Y’all have a great weekend. 

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  • I hope the tooth fairy visited Briana!  I hope she will still smile with her missing tooth!  Wonderful pictures – I’m sorry I couldn’t come to the party.  Charles is a real trooper – and as the kids get bigger, it will turn into quite a workout! 

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