September 30, 2009

  • Well, piffle poodles. I did it again, didn't I?

    Since Jessica and the girls moved in, things have been a bit behind-hand around here.  I did mention that, right?  That Jessica and her daughters, Brianna and Bridgette, have moved into the master bedroom and I've moved into the middle bedroom?  Surely I did.

    At any rate, they did.  Barring Bridgette's not sleeping well, which means Jessica doesn't sleep well, it's working nicely.  Been a while since I've had a two year old living here, though, and it's quite a change.  ;^)

    Last weekend was my great-nephew, Cole's, birthday (I'm pretty sure he turned four;  certainly hope so, as that's the card I bought for him) party at one of the myriad bounce house places in the area.  Sadly, it was a busy weekend for much of the family, so Brianna and Bridgette were the only family children in attendance.  Alex was there, as he had to be in Fort Worth anyway (more on that in a minute); here he is with Bridgette:


    The birthday boy running like the wind.  Where on earth do these kids get their energy?

    The inflated slides were the most popular rides, naturally.  Even Bridgette, after some coaxing, got into it:

    That's Bridgette, Brianna and Cole up above.  Of course there was cake, in the form of cupcakes.  Never seen so much icing on a cupcake in my life!  And it was red, and tended to stain.  Tasty, though. 

    This is Cole blowing one of the party whatzits, with his mother, Jill, and Uncle Charles:

    Above is Cole, Charles, Alex, and my nephew, Justin, who is Cole's father.

    Kenny and his son, Larry, finished the last major project this week, which is an aluminum fence around the back yard. Kenny was horrified at the price Home Depot was charging for gates, and determined to make them himself out of panels.  Did a good job, too.  My house being the uneven mess that it is, the main gate next to the garage gave him fits, as the brick wall isn't straight and the sidewalk goes up (or down, depending upon how one looks at it).  He and Larry managed, however!  Once the tiresome skeeters go away it'll be nice for Bridgette to be able to play in the back yard (still supervised, but at least one can do so from the screened porch).  The man who'd done our landscaping for us many years ago planted the crepe myrtles too close to the retaining wall, meaning nearly half of one had to go to be able to put the fence in, not to mention I'd totally forgotten about the underground sprinkler system.  Kenny had a lot to overcome to get the fence in, including hand-drilling holes, but by jingo, he did it. 

    Tomorrow the Halloween decorations go up.  I've a bunch of bat lights and orange and purple lights, and now with the fence as a palette....well!  Suffice it to say Kenny is longing to let his creative side rip and get Chez Ivy all fixed up. 

    Alex will be in town one weekend a month as he has joined the Air National Guard band (I think that's right; Alex will correct me if I'm wrong) which is part of the Air Force, so now instead of being a sailor he's an airman.  He's looking forward to getting his AF uniform next month.  He and Beth moved into their house (rented) today!  They'd been staying with her father since their arrival home and loved it, but decided it was time to find their own place.  Can't wait to go see it.  Between teaching tuba and euphonium as a tutor for Forney ISD, and his classes at Dallas Theological Seminary, and now the Guard band, he's a busy beaver, indeed.

    While Alex moved into a house in Dallas, my eldest son, Jonathan, moved to San Jose, Costa Rica!  By all accounts he is vastly enjoying it down there, and is learning Spanish rapidly, already capable of holding conversations in it.  Because he just needs a computer and internet connection to do his job, he's been able to do this.  The cost of living is quite low in Costa Rica, and it's a beautiful country.  Don and I liked it very much when we were there on a Panama Canal cruise. 

    Many changes in the past year, that's for sure. 

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  • Yes, you had mentioned about your "girls" moving in. Boys moving out, girls moving in - busy place is Chez Ivy!

    I love the video of Uncle Alex with Bridgette - so cute. What a great uncle/cunkle he is to show up for that party without his own family. (Jason is "cunkle" to his cousins' children - the relationship is more "uncle-like" than "cousin-like" so the kids made their own word for it.)

    Cole is four! Doesn't seem possible, does it? If I'd had to place money on it I wouldn't have thought he was more than a year younger than our Maggie.

    We have both been lax at posting. As Faron says here, every weekend we have visitors of some kind. This weekend Bret & Jane will be here for a couple of days, and the following weekend will be Joe & Amy and the boys. Busy busy!



  • Oooh, I like frosting. But it *does* look like a lot. :D

  • Wow!  What a lot you have going on!  The pictures are great - thanks for taking them.  I may come over with a flash drive to snag the pictures.  I've never seen so much frosting!  Cheers to Alex for joining the National Guard! 

    Do you have Baby TV?  It is really excellent for Bridgette's age group.  It may be extra $ per month, but worth it.  Call me if you need me!

  • We went to party at ":Bounce U" last week.  fun fun fun

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