Month: March 2008

  • A couple of thoughts as the primary approaches...

    One, how on earth do they do it?  I've no doubt Gov. Huckabee's schedule for Monday looks like that of the other candidates:

    a.m. CT - Dallas, TX - Attends "Huckabee for President" Rally at the
    Hughes-Trigg Student Center at Southern Methodist University, 3140 Dyer

    11:00 a.m. CT - Abilene, TX - Attends "Huckabee for President" Rally at the Expo Center of Taylor County, 1700 Hwy. 36.

    p.m. CT - Midland, TX - Attends "Huckabee for President" Rally at the
    Main Arena of the Midland County Horseshoe, 2514 Arena Trail.

    5:00 p.m. CT - San Antonio, TX - Attends "Huckabee for President" Rally at the Blossom Athletic Center, 12002 Jones Maltsberger.

    8:00 p.m. CT - Houston, TX - Attends "Huckabee for President" Rally at Westside Tennis & Fitness, 1200 Wilcrest Drive.

    Mercy Maud, just get a gun and shoot me!  The very idea of such a day makes me tired.  I feel the need to take a nap simply reading that.  e-faint

    Two, one primary benefit of the primary's end (pun! pun!) is that surely it will bring the flood of automated candidate calls to a halt.  Never in my life have I been so swamped with phone calls from "out of area" or "no name", signifying yet another computer-generated call from one or t'other candidate.  It's been a real nuisance, especially as they'll leave messages on my voice mail if I don't pick up.   e-fingers_ears

    It's amazing, the level of voter interest in the primary election this time around.  According to last night's local news, one of the early-voting places had a line that extended out of the building and down the block when the polls closed at 7 p.m.  (Presumably so long as one was in line one would be allowed to vote.)  The stress caused by the crush of people throughout the day was such that one of the election volunteers had to have medical attention. 

    For the first time I went the early-voting route, casting my ballot on Thursday after having lunch with a friend.  I had to wait a few minutes but it wasn't very long.  If the number of voters swells to the level it's expected to, I'm glad I've already voted!  Don refuses to vote early, preferring to do his civic duty on the actual election day.

    Personally, I wanted to be sure that in the event I was in a car wreck or something, my vote for Huckabee would be counted.  He's gonna need every one he can get.  e-nogood