January 27, 2007

  • Charles is stateside! ;^)

    We were preparing to leave for the birthday party for Mom and Jonathan at my brother’s house when to my astonished pleasure, a call came in from Charles’ cell phone!  

    He’s back!  Two days early, in fact.  When I asked how the inspection went he said it didn’t….the seas were too rough, so that’s why they docked so soon. 

    He’s going to try to see if he can catch an earlier flight home.  e-yippee

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  • Are you on the computer?  I’ll check this again in a few minutes.

  • Happy Birthday to Grandmama and Jonathan from Alex in Okinawa!  Or as they say in Okinawan, “fifdugreueanruoirwe.”  At least I think tha’s how they say it.

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