January 28, 2007

  • Photos from Dr. Nemonezhnaya!

    Aka:  Vika.  

    Vika was our translator on our adoption trip to Russia and a dear friend, who has worked like billy-o to get her doctorate in linguistics and was awarded it last fall.  She sent me a few photos from her doctorate graduation and one from New Year’s.  I’ve emailed back requesting to know who else we’re seeing, and what the building was that was outlined with lights.


    I’m working on the assumption those are fellow students, though perhaps the young lady on the left might be Vika’s sister?  I know she has one.


    I think….mind you, I only say think….but I think this is in Red Square, standing in front of a large department store.

    Congratulations, Vika! 

    It’s to be hoped that now she’s a fancy-pants doctor of linguistics she won’t forget the little people. 

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